Ploughing Match

The morning starts with the highlight of the day where competitors complete against each other trying to produce the most evenly plough piece of ground. Each person starts with a area of land which they are to cultivate and marks are given on the straightness of their furrows and the evenness of the depth of soil produced.

Work should be constant and uniform and of equal width and depth. The competition is divided into several classes with many cups available but this is not the only event that happens on the day. There is also a ‘Corn and Root’ which is an old school produce show with monetary prices, main ring events which include an obstacle race over a home made assault course and other various races which are at the hosting club’s discretion.

As this event is open to the public there is also a selection of other attractions which have included traction engines, heavy horses and ploughs in the past. There are also various companies providing trade stands and on site catering throughout the day. The ploughing match is held annually in late September.