The rally is the combination of a year of hard work, it is all about showing off the hard work members had done through the year via classes is their specialist subjects. Events like Pre-Rally, Stock Judging and Tug of War are off shots of the main rally with their competitions winners contributing points to the winning club at the Rally. Information about classes can be found in the Rally Schedule here.

As it is also a country show there are many trade stands provided by local companies who also give sponsorship to the club, the rally and take out advertising space in our year book for which we are very grateful.

Some of the classes on the day are flower arranging, welding, handicrafts, Cookery, Skills, Hay and Grain, Main Ring, Pre-Young Farmers, Live Stock and Equestrian amongst many more. Each class in divided into many competitions to suite different people and different ages so rest assure there will be something for you.


The floats are also reveal and displayed in a parade around the main ring, afterwards there is a flower and water fight which has no real point but is jolly good fun.